Korfi s.a – Craft Brewery

KORFI SA started its craft brewery in 2016 and is growing into a brand new and contemporary craft brewing and bottling plant Its capacity is about 2000 hundred liters per month.

Water is the key ingredient for brewing and its quality is very significant. The water we use for brewing comes from the crystal sources of Mount Olympus. Also our plant is equipped with reverse osmosis that helps water differentiate itself in terms of acidity and hardness, depending on the beer we want to produce.

We choose our malt from Greek harvests and hops from special varieties. The brewing process takes several weeks, as much as it is required for the natural aromas and taste to pop up. These characteristics make our beer stand out from the mass production beers.

All production processes are made with environmental friendly methods that reduce our eco-footprint to the minimum. Moreover, sub products such as yeast  or boiled barley are used as animal feed.